COVID-19 Statement

Teonfa Care Group is taking all required appropriate measures to remain up to date with developments relating to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Self-Funding Care

Self-funding your care with us is easy– the first step to your care is for us to have a chat with you about what your needs are and how we can best meet them. We then agree how many hours a week you would like support for and will send you a monthly invoice for your care. Should your needs change, we will meet with you again to reassess and ensure you are getting the right care for you.

External Funding for Care

Funding care can be difficult, and we understand that not everyone is able to pay for it themselves. If you are a recipient of Direct Payments, the local authority will assess what your care needs are to determine how much funding you need. Teonfa Care Group Limited will engage with you in the same way as people who are self-funding– we will invoice either yourself or your elected money management provider for the support given. If the local authority is paying on your behalf and you are not receiving money directly from them to manage your own care, we will invoice your local authority - you do not need to worry about this side of things.

To be assessed for whether you are eligible for funding, please contact your local authority.

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