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Supported Living in Bedfordshire

Home care is seen by many as an alternative to moving into a supported living or residential care home setting. With Teonfa Care Group Limited in Bedfordshire, you can employ people to come into your home, at times agreed by you to help with activities that you feel you need some extra support with. These tasks may be cleaning your home, cooking your meals, helping you to get up in the morning, or more personal care and medication assistance.

Following you deciding that you would like us to help you at home, we will come and have a chat at a time that suits you to create a plan for your needs. This plan will be reviewed at least yearly, however, will be updated as your needs change. See our sections below for more information on the different types of care we can offer.

Cooking and Cleaning

It can be distressing when you realise that you are not able to cook and clean for yourself in the same ways you would like to, however, our care team are at hand to take the pressure off and assist with cleaning and cooking tasks that may have become more difficult. Our team will work alongside you in your home to help you to clean your home and to help you to prepare and eat the meals that you enjoy. If you would only like help with one of these tasks, then that is also fine– we work with you to empower you to live as independently as possible and welcome your input into all areas of your care.

This form of care can also be combined with your other care needs such as personal care, medication, and any other requirements you may have, such as shopping.

Personal Care

If you have difficulty moving we understand that tasks such as washing, dressing, and toileting yourself can be challenging. Our empathetic team of carers can assist you with these needs in a dignified way that suits you and is conducted according to your preferences. Our carers are trained in using hoists and other mobility aid equipment so that they are able to assist you in moving around your home and carrying out personal care tasks accordingly.


Managing your medication can prove to be challenging, particularly if you have memory or mobility problems. Our staff can be trained to administer your medication according to your needs, however, can only administer what you have been prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Due to the importance of ensuring that medication is dispensed correctly, and records are kept of what you have taken, we require some simple health and safety measures for medication which we administer in order to ensure that we are working in the safest way possible.

What If the Care I Need Changes?

We understand that people’s needs change over time and want to work with you as flexibly as possible, whether that is providing additional services or reducing support in areas where you are now more confident. At the start of your care, you will have a meeting with a member of our care team to assess your needs and work with you to determine exactly what you want, as well as what you want to happen should your needs change and you are unable to communicate. This care plan will be reviewed as your needs change, or yearly if your needs do not alter.

We want to work flexibly with you so that you remain as independent as possible and are able to provide extra support should you need it or less support if you feel that you are able to complete tasks on your own.

Call today in Bedfordshire, to discover more about our supported living and how we assist people to live independently.